7. Mongolen / Mongols

KOZAKS SIBERIAN EXPEDITION                                         

1►Kuchum         2►Karachi             3►Ali              4►Samar          5►Urasko              6►Artanzai

Anzahl Figuren / Quantity Figures- 6

Länge / length- 40 mm

Farbe / Colour- Messing / Brass.

Legierung / Alloy- ZAMAK Zink Aluminium Magnesium Kupfer  / ZAMAC Zinc Aluminium Magnesium Copper

Kennung / marked- 40701, 40702, 40703, 40704, 40705, 40706

Serie- Kozaks, Siberian Expedition

Firma / Company- Landrin

Land / Country- Russia

Skulpteur / Sculptor-?

Ausgabe / Edition- 2008 /2009
MCV (Mint serie)  € 40,00

Verpackung / Packaging- Ü-Ei / Surprise Egg

VARIANT Siberische Archer Artanzey

Kurze Bogen / Short bow             Lange Bogen / Long bow


 Beipackzettel / Leaflet L. 20.2 cm x H. 7.0 cm

The collection is devoted to the legendary events of the XVI century — expeditions of brave Kozaks headed by chieftain Ermak to Siberia.

The collection includes 15 soldiers: 9 kozaks headed by Ermak and 6 warriors of Siberian khan Kuchum. And once again there are 2 toys in one egg — chieftain Groza with a canon! The weapons and armor of every soldier were historically verified and thoroughly detailed.

The repeating toys will help the child to get together a real army! And the opposing armies in one collection will help to recreate the scenes of capture of Kashlik, the battle of Abalak and other heroic battles of Kozaks’ Siberian expedition.