4. Roemische Soldaten / Roman soldiers

ANCIENT ROME                                                                                                            

1►Caesar   2►Primipilus. 3►Legionarius 4►Sagittarius  5►Aquilifer  6►Triarius    7►Centurio

Anzahl Figuren / Quantity Figures- 7

Länge / length- 40 mm

Farbe / Colour- Kupfer / Copper.

Legierung / Alloy- ZAMAK Zink Aluminium Magnesium Kupfer  / ZAMAC Zinc Aluminium Magnesium Copper

Kennung / marked- 40401, 40402, 40403, 40404, 40405, 40406, 40407

Serie- Ancient Rome.

Firma / Company- Landrin

Land / Country- Russia

Skulpteur / Sculptor-?

Ausgabe / Edition- 2007 /2008
MCV (Mint serie)  € 45,00

Verpackung / Packaging- Ü-Ei / Surprise Egg   

Beipackzettel / Leaflet  L. 20.2 cm x H. 7.1 cm


+ 2 Neue Metallfiguren / 2 new metal figures
+ Brosche / brooch
+ Buch / Book

Surprise Egg
+ Beipackzettel / Leaflets



The "Ancient Rome" collection is devoted to the wars of the greatest empire of antiquity ? Ancient Rome.Having two rival sides in one collection allows for the recreation of battles, making play with the toys more appealing, and allowing children to put together detachments or even whole armies!

The collection features two rival sides, the Romans and the Gauls, with figurines from each side sporting a distinct colour ? the Romans are copper, while the Gauls are black.

For the first time in the collection there are 2 toys in one egg! One of the Gauls even comes with its own dog.

The collection includes two real historical characters: Emperor Caesar and Gaul’s leader, Vercingetorix.

There are 14 metal soldiers in the collection: 7 Romans and 7 Gauls.